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Organic Chocolate from Ecuador

New !

A wonderful project of sustainability!
Mashpi - Chocolate Artesanal from the Ecuadorian rainforest. Just arrived in Bremen!
As a strategic partner of Mashpi we import this unique chocolate. For all of you and those who want to support this wonderful project or just need a special chocolate: to buy, to sell, to give a away or enjoy yourself. Naturally organic.

Mashpi - that's true sustainability: destroyed rainforest areas were rebuilt and farmed organically.

By enjoying the Chocolate Mashpi, you support ecological justice and social and environmental sustainability in the area of the Chocó rainforest.

And overall it's delicious: Mashpi won bronze at the International Chocolate Awards 2016!

TAVORO, ist a fine exclusive 70% organic chocolate in   different flavors such as pure, rosmarin, spearmint, andean  berry, mango, banana.

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