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The delicious taste of the finest choice cocoa

Cocoa powder

An extra-fine product – pure, guaranteed without any additives. Excellent for hot drinking chocolate, as an addition to coffee or cereals, or for baking and decoration. 10-12 % cocoa butter. 

Cocoa beans & nibs

The rich taste of cocoa at its most genuine. It may be used as a raw material for processing by chocolatiers or unroasted and hand-peeled to serve as a snack and a perfect energy provider.

Cocoa butter

100% organic Arriba cocoa butter – a truly delicate flavor. Non-deodorized and with a superb chocolate aroma. Excellent for chocolate production as well as baking, cooking, and manufacturing cosmetics.

Cocoa paste

A 100% chocolate treat, floral aromas with an overtone of nuts, coffee, and vanilla. Used as such, it makes for wonderful genuine drinking chocolate, or it may be brought to a boil with milk. Besides, it may also serve as a basis for the production of exquisite chocolate. Ideal for cooking, baking, and for processing by chocolatiers.

Cocoa shells

Cocoa shells leftover from the cocoa bean roasting process are far too good to be thrown away or used as garden mulch. We highly recommend it for tea  blends or pure: 3 teaspoons, 1 Liter boiled water, brew it at least 10 min.

Coconut blossom sugar

Is made from the sap of cut blossom of a coconut tree.
After collecting the sap it is boiled and thickened until sugar crystals are formed. The sugar is not refined and very tasty with flavors of caramel. 

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