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Our story...

From a German-Ecuadorian family business
Passion for real cocoa

Cocoa has always been our passion. This stems from our Ecuadorian roots and our love for cocoa from early childhood; some of the finest choice cocoa, after all, has always been produced in Ecuador.

  Family tradition in the Andean Highlands

Artisan production of chocolate has always been the tradition in our Ecuadorian family – although it is rarely encountered here in Germany. Whenever we are visiting our family in the cold Andean highlands of Ecuador, this is what we are really looking forward to: a real cup of hot chocolate!

Real cocoa...

as pure, plain drinking chocolate, deliciously aromatic, powerful but soft and velvety, with an outstanding flowery aroma. A genuinely natural taste sensation of superb quality.

Directly - organic

We no longer wanted to live without it here in Germany: our family business imports the finest organic ARRIBA NACIONAL cocoa (and meanwhile also others) directly from the country of origin. Join us and discover the world of choice cocoa and its sensual aroma.

Entdecken Sie mit uns die Welt edelsten Cacaos!

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