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Premium Cocoa Arriba Nacional

Organic gourmet cocoa from a farmers’ cooperative in the Vinces, Los Ríos region of Ecuador

A genuine source

ARRIBA NACIONAL – one of the best cocoa qualities in the world, is produced exclusively in Ecuador.  We  guarantee that our ARRIBA NACIONAL really is made of this variety. This gives chocolatiers the rare opportunity to produce not just a single-variety product, but a true ‘single-origin chocolate’.


and excellent quality are key priorities with us. This is why our cocoa butter and cocoa powder are produced locally in Ecuador, which makes it possible for us to guarantee that the cocoa farmers and their families receive a fair price for their products. A promising approach to ensure that small local farmers receive a much greater share of the value chain.

An extraordinarily delicious aroma

The fine fruity-floral aroma with its overtone of nuts, coffee, and vanilla makes for a truly palate-tickling experience with our ARRIBA NACIONAL. The exclusive interplay of aromas is truly inspiring and makes it possible for chocolatiers to create a chocolate with a character that customers develop a passion for.

Top quality

Only the best cocoa beans make for top-quality products. Ensuring uniform quality is of paramount importance in this context. Our cocoa undergoes the most stringent quality inspections at all stages of harvesting, fermentation, drying, and storage. 
 our cocoa products.

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