Farming & processing

Fine cocoa: a diva
Cacao trees only grow in tropical areas, i.e. around the equator - and thus especially in Ecuador. They need a hot, humid climate, sufficient rainfall and especially shade, which is why they are usually cultivated in mixed crops with other, taller plants, such as coconut palms, banana trees and avocado and mango trees.
The plants bear several times a year, with the main harvest period between November and March, and the first harvest is possible after about 5 years. One cocoa fruit usually contains 30-50 cocoa seeds (also called cocoa beans).


Harvest of the ripe cocoa fruit.


Fermentation - traditionally under banana leaves


At the beginning of fermentation the cocoa beans are still completely covered by white pulp.


Drying the cocoa beans elevated and under a tent to protect them from rain.

And what happens next?

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